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We'd love to hear from you! Submit a story or a question about Vermont's forests, or respond to our prompt below. Then, keep listening to Heartwood as we explore your stories and questions in future episodes.

Our Prompt:

Trees and woodlands are important for so many reasons; they offer a place for us to explore, materials that keep us safe and warm and a connection to the natural world.  During this time, when many of us are looking to the outdoors for a place to find solace, we’re interested in hearing what trees and forests mean to you. Why does Vermont's forests matter to you and how are you connecting to the woods right now? Share a story or reflection about your land, a tree in your yard, or a special piece of woods that you visit.

Share your story or question:

Call 802-476-2003 ext 210 and leave a message. Start by telling us your name (include spelling) and where you live.  Please keep your story to 2 minutes!

This podcast is hosted by Vermont Coverts, UVM Extension and UVM's Center for Research on Vermont.  It was made possible by funding from Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets and the Working Land Enterprise Board.

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